Review Requests

I’m going to experiment with book reviews. If you have an eBook you’d recommend (preferably your own) and it fits my preference, I’ll buy it, review it, and whack the review up on my blog.

There is a catch – there always is, isn’t there.

The catch is, I have specific tastes, so I’m looking for either of (in order of preference):

1. Hard Science Fiction. Level 5 hard. No FTL. No telepathic powers. No aliens. No alien artifacts. No teleporters. Reasonable science.

2. Something that has a social commentary value that explores how out society may look in the future. Positive spins get preference over negative dystopian settings. It needs to be something that explores some aspect of our society or being human. There’s more flexibility here. If anyone has read Phillip K Dick, you know what I want.

Hard science fiction is my strong preference. Any takers, be warned, you’ll need to sell me on it – this is my way of getting the sorts of books I like to read to come to me.