The most Important Writing Skill of All

One of the problems with writing is motivation and with any endeavor, one of the main demotivators is re-work. Having to do something twice or three times is perhaps one of the main motivation killers of all. Here’s the experience of another writer I know. I’m much calmer about a reviewer finding deep rooted problems with my work but it is just as demotivating. This, more than anything else, may explain why writing is hard work. Persisting in the face of adversity is perhaps the most important writing skill of all.

Black People are not Aliens

This is my response to a question by another writer asking about whether to include a black person in their story. Others were tending to say that she might struggle and should write what she knows.

Write what you know does NOT exclude black people. You know them. Even if you have never met one. You know them because they are people first. They do not define themselves by their blackness. The minor character in your story will define herself as a person, as a friend, as a mother, as a lover, as a doer of whatever she does for fun or money. Write a person. Describe black skin. It will will succeed. Guaranteed.

The correct short name for black people isn’t blacks, it’s people.