Author Interview: Zeta Lordes

Author Interview of Zeta Lordes

Here’s an interview of yet another up and coming author. It’s great to see what others like to cover in their work!

Do you have a preferred tense or point of view you write in? And why?

Zeta: I always write in past tense versus present tense. I dislike present tense to both read and write… what it might gain in immediacy it loses in intimacy. For me, past tense is more conducive to storytelling versus story reporting.

I’ll often write short stories in 1st person (POV), but I write longer pieces in 3rd person. 1st person is much more confining (for both reader and writer) in terms of how the story can unfold. In longer pieces I prefer the elements of 3rd person which offer a wider scope to the story telling.

Are there particular themes you try to bring out in your works?

Zeta: Some of my favorites are

  • Ambition — getting what you want and what price you’re willing to pay for it
  • Discovery — stretching your world view beyond what you know to discover new places, new meanings, and new strengths
  • Fear — how it drives us, how we deal with it, and how we conquer it
  • Personal Responsibility — ultimately the choices we make are ours alone, how do we deal with the repercussions, do they make us or break us
  • Power — the search for it, how we deal with it both internally and externally, the loss and gain of it

Do you have a specific reader in mind when you write? What are they like?

Zeta: I suppose I think of a reader very similar to myself. Someone who likes intrigue, a certain level of sophistication, complex characters with complex motivations, and a story that supports those ideals.

What type of obstacles do you most enjoy throwing at characters in your stories?

Zeta: A lot of this ties into my favorite themes. I force my characters to face their fears, the costs of their ambitions, and the cost/responsibility of power. I love giving my characters impossible choices which often leaves them giving up more than they get. Battering their beliefs and preconceived notions of themselves is also a favorite obstacle, tying into personal responsibility and discovery.

How do you feel about endings? Is there a type of ending you strive for?

Zeta: I’ll often play around with different endings for short stories. But in longer works I’m always going for the ultimate triumph of the human spirit. Not sugary sweet, but definitely uplifting and buoyant. I love happy endings!

About Zeta

Zeta Lordes is writer of Speculative Fiction (mostly a blend of Science Fiction and Paranormal) flavored with plenty of suspense and romance. When she’s not writing, she’s often playing with photo projects, like book covers for herself and other author friends.

She lives alone in a rambling house littered everywhere with books, and the company of three cats—who have their own litter.

She’s just started reaching out on social media. You can follow her here:


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