Trump Wins in 2020

I love maps and I love the way that they should stay constant but don’t seem to obey that rule. The 2016 election in the US has been fascinating and I’ve learned a lot about the geography of the US.

Hows this for a scenario. Trump loses Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Michigan and wins in 2020?

Here’s how things stand in 2016.







Then imagine by 2018, California exists the Union.







Then in 2020, things look like this. Oregon and Hawaii join with California and Minnesota cedes to Canada as a result of a popular vote.







Seems far fetched but it’s an indication on how differently the various parts of the states think that there’s even a movement for it.

As usual, I’m probably completely wrong.


One thought on “Trump Wins in 2020

  1. Correction: “exits” the Union.
    What interested me the most was how many times people on social media complained that Clinton wouldn’t have won the popular vote if we excluded California. Well, Trump would have lost the Electoral College vote if we excluded Texas.
    Each state matters. So does each municipal district, which is why gerrymandering is so unnerving. Maps are a big deal in politics.


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