Car Control

This is a topic I’ve wanted to talk about for some time but haven’t found the right way to approach it. This issue of car ownership.  

Modern technological advances have given people access to more and more powerful forms of technology.  Perhaps the most powerful of these that can routinely fall into the hands of individuals is the car. This is a powerful piece of technology that in the right hands is extremely useful. However, it is a piece of technology powerful enough that car accidents injure, maim and kill thousands of people every year. This excludes those cases where a car has been used deliberately as a weapon. We need to do a better job of protecting ourselves.  

Firstly, I advocate that we need appropriate car ownership laws. At a minimum, people intending to own and use cars need minimum training on how to use it and to ensure that they stay current. We need a licensing system so that we can tell if a person is currently licenced for the car they have in their possession. I would expect that this should at a minimum consist of a written test and a common, government issued certificate of a robust enough nature that it can be used to confirm the identity of the owner. 

As for the cars themselves, I advocate for strong regulation there. For a start I would expect a system that classifies cars and accepts them into the market to ensure that:

1. The car is safe and does not contain flaws the makes it dangerous for the user or other members of the public. 

2. The car is appropriate for use, in particular I have concerns about the proliferation of ex military cars amongst the wider population.  

3. That registers each car to am owner. Where the car is found abandoned or used in the commission of a crime, then it can be traced back. I understand that some cars may be stolen and used in the commission of crimes but I believe that a system of reporting stolen cars with thr police would protect the owners from prosecution.

I believe that such a system would make cars much much safer than they could be if unregulated.  The final element is that car owners should be liable for the damage that they cause whether through accident or intention. With a bit of encouragement, the insurance industry could step in here. Owners would be rewarded for safe practices through reduced premiums. 

Overall, I see this as a reasonable and workable system and I would hope that most people would agree.

Now, replace the word car with gun and read it again.


2 thoughts on “Car Control

    • Let’s keep in touch. I don’t mind people disagreeing. What I object to are people who refuse to discuss a topic assuming that their position is right so any discourse is good. I love your perspectives. That piece on gun control of yours was amazing, a perspective I would never have drawn on my own.

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