Ways to Concede Defeat

Trump has taken to calling the electoral system rigged.  Looking at the guy, he seems to be determined to project an image of being a winner. If he loses, therefore, it’s got to be something external, something unfair. A rigged election is a good excuse. Personally, I take this as evidence that Trump knows he’s lost. 

What I don’t know is if this excuse of rigged elections are to convince us or himself. 


One thought on “Ways to Concede Defeat

  1. Great point. Trump is very wrapped in his own personality. He is very narcissist and his image is everything. During this election, he has made a lot of outrageous statements to the point where everything he says is simply written off.

    However, we must remember that “even a broken clock is right at least two times a day.” The election may not be rigged in the specific way that Trump is describing, but the American electoral process is rigged. Here are the ways:

    Felons are disenfranchised in most states (impacts blacks). Criminals cannot vote in most states. There are strict ID laws; so if you do not have an identification at the polls, you cannot vote (impacts immigrants). The voting districts are cut up every 10 years so votes become worthless. Corporations buy off the politicians by donating millions of dollars to campaigns. etc

    Just because Trump said it, that doesn’t mean that it is false.

    President Obama has made a joke about it – but America, out of all the nations in the world, has the longest track record of interfering with other nations’ elections!

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