Things will never be the same…

For centuries, we have labored under a polite fiction, the fiction that political candidates win over the electorate with rational policies and arguments. This has been proved massively untrue by the events in the U.S. where a come from nowhere demagogue has used pretty much raw personality  to become one of the two main contenders.

Initially Trump ranked tenth with only 3% of the votes but through sheer force of personality, and unrealistic populist policies such as a ban on Muslims and a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, backed by numerous policy flip-flops he is now the Republican Party Presidential Candidate.

The genie is out of the bottle. Where Sarah Palin peeked under the carpet, Trump strips off the veneer and exposes the awful truth, that politics is just like anythings else, won by soundbites and emotion.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the end. As politicians absorb the lessons from this election, expects things to head in a new direction. Perhaps politics will start to use some of the same tricks used in other industries such as the fast food industry.

We may get an election or perhaps two based on the current fiction, but in 2028, will the winning candidate be endorsed by a line of bikini clad models? The only one who can stop this is you, the voters, by caring and listening and thinking things through. There’s never been a more important time to be a voter and protect your democracy.

Writing Inspiration: Isn’t allowing the most colourful and engaging candidate with the best sound bites win, the same as voting at random.


One thought on “Things will never be the same…

  1. Great point! We are slowly seeing the convergence of reality with reality TV. Celebrity culture is beginning to colonize politics. And honestly, this works to the advantage of capitalists and their lackey politicians – as they can accrue power and money without the misfortune of unpopular opinion. Celebrity culture is designed to numb the minds of people so that they do not realize how badly the system sucks and how badly they are being fucked.

    So many people are ignorant to basic legal rights in America: they cannot name a single right from the First Amendment, or the Vice President, or a justice on the Supreme Court. But they can tell you who kissed who on reality TV.

    To answer your question: I think there will be a leader that is very much like Trump. This country is going very hard to the Right (as is Europe), and people are only interested in immediate gratification. No one is interested in thinking critically: they just want the latest gizmo off the assembly line. Trump feeds into this type of thinking – so in the near future, I will not be surprised if we have a president like that.


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