All Lives Matter, Right

If All Lives Matter, then abolish the death penalty and stop killing people with drones.

Do the people quoting All Lives Matter really, truly believe that ALL lives matter? All of them? 

All Lives Matter is a smokescreen. If they really, really want to show us that all lives matter, there plenty of ways to do that. 

3 thoughts on “All Lives Matter, Right

  1. You are in New Zealand? You have a bit of writings on America! I applaud your international lens. Is this because America is seen as the global superpower and what happens in the US is unavoidable? I never hear anything about NZ in the news – I have to look for it.


    • NZ tends to follow the U.S. with about a ten year lag. We’ve had our first attempt at privatised prisons, fortunately a failure due to organised fighting rings being set up under the watch of the privatised provider. There’s a few areas we don’t follow, race relations and gun control being the exceptions.

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