I read an article in the newspaper about the next British P.M. It mentioned that she was a remain supporter but was determined that once in office she would invoke Article 50 and leave the E.U. I was planning a blog that suggested that, just because you brought a lemon, you didn’t always have to live with it. Anyway, I went searching for the link to the article and instead found this.

Seems that I have been letting economics dominate my thinking. Personally I hate that NZ food standards are defined in Australia. I hate it with a vengeance because I believe that consumers aren’t being given the information to make good informed choices about their food, particularly where it comes from and the conditions of labour under which it is produced. I mean, what the hell does ‘sourced from local and imported ingredients’ mean?
Imagine that lack of control across every aspect of my country –  I’d be as angry as a snake. Now I start to better understand some of the Brexit arguments.

What do I believe is right, mmmm, it’s not the decision but how it is executed. Good luck, new British P.M.


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