What it Says on the Tin

The Dallas shootings are wrong. In my opinion, there is nothing that justifies them. But they have happened and that means someone has decided that they are justified enough to take matters into their own hands. That someone has now been identified as someone carrying a lot of anger. Someone who also had access to firearms. In short, motivation (in their own mind) and means.

The result is an all to familiar mass killing via assault rifle.

There are many, many social issues underlying what is going on in the States at the moment. All this stuff would work out over time and in a civilized manner except only in the United States do they add guns to the mix.

The U.S. is only one of three countries that has a constitution that enshrines the right to bear arms. The other two are Mexico and Guatemala. Only the United States doesn’t have limitations over the right included in its constitution. Guns for just about everybody.

The historical story behind the second amendment is that it was enshrined after the American Revolution as one of the lessons learned after fighting the English, they only had a chance because they had guns. The justification is that arms are a requirement for a well organized and effective militia. This includes the argument to deter or oppose oppression.

Well, I can’t speak on behalf of others by if you have a mass outrage at a string of injustices, then it doesn’t stretch belief that some would view that as a form of oppression and chances are, that’s what happened in this case. It doesn’t make it right. It makes it tragic that events gave the motivation and the constitution enshrined the means. The tragedy in Dallas is in no way justified but it is the second amendment in action.

If you you can’t stop fear or anger or hate, at least stop escalating it with guns. It’s a democracy, you have other ways to let your citizens solve problems.

It’s not my country but, from a distance, it’s tragic to watch as these events repeat themselves. Tragic and needless.

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