Long Term Projects

Another post about Brexit. This will become a study in international politics and relationships for many years to come. In my last post, I mentioned that the Europeans have all the power at the negotiating table. If they use it wisely and well, this will likely be something easily overcome, even if it takes a few years.

Statements that “deserters will face the consequences” are not a good indication of level-headedness. If European leaders want the UK permanently gone despite almost 50% (and likely growing as more of the younger generation get the vote) support for being in Europe, then punitive measures are a great way to go about it.

The other countries that are struggling with some of the policies will notice this and it will affect how they feel about the whole project.

The current emotion and the noises from Europe before the referendum demonstrated how much the European leaders wanted the UK to remain in the union indicating how important they believed the UK was to the overall project for a united Europe. If that’s their goal then they need to think long term and punitive measures are almost always a response to short term thinking. If the EU is really an important and long term project, then bloody treat it like one and if you have a few grumpy old men who look like they are going to lash out because they didn’t feel like they were listened to, make sure they aren’t making decisions that affects it’s future. You can’t rule a community through fear.

Last post, I gave a prediction about what Europe would probably look like. Here’s what’s more likely to happen if it starts to head down a punitive line.

Alternative Map of Europe in 2022


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